Ageless Partners® Introduces Ageless Coaching Service

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Jason C. Mercurio, founder CEO of Ageless Partners

Also Announced: The Rejuvenation Project, which helps reverse human aging through a multi-step rejuvenation protocol.

Ageless Coaching Services

Ageless Partners® is pleased to introduce its Ageless Coaching services, designed to help people invest in their health, become healthier, and slow down the aging process. Founded by Jason C. Mercurio, MFE, who has extensive expertise in fitness, health, and extending healthspan, Ageless Partners aims to revolutionize how we approach aging.

Ageless Partners has built a network of global experts in multiomics, AI, nanotechnology, and more. These collaborations share the goal of reversing aging and rapidly advancing age-reversal technologies. The company emphasizes society’s moral obligation to accelerate the development of these life-saving technologies by targeting biological aging through rejuvenation and replacement methods.

Biological age of each organ measured relative to chronological age.

Ageless Partners provides some of the most effective tools and resources to help people navigate through their journey toward slowing down the aging process. A key resource is its Ageless Guide, a comprehensive e-book that empowers users to take control of their health and extend their healthspan.

The guide is packed with straightforward, well-researched, and actionable insights. It covers essential topics such as sleep, exercise, nutrition, fasting, detoxification, supplements, hormones, skincare, dental, hydration, wearables, gene therapy, breathing, and ageless workouts. The Ageless Guide also includes links to healthspan websites, downloadable files on nutrition, health-focused YouTube channels, and more.

Pricing for the Ageless Guide starts at $29. Customers can also shop age reversal products at discounted prices on the website.

The Rejuvenation Project

Ageless Partners takes this opportunity to introduce The Rejuvenation Project. Its upcoming healthspan center will feature an advanced AI-driven software platform designed to track and target the biological age of every organ in the body to achieve real rejuvenation from the inside out. This project is a collaboration among leading organizations working toward reversing human aging. Participants over the age of 65 will undergo a multi-step rejuvenation protocol aimed at looking, feeling, and functioning like a 25-year-old.

At the healthspan center, a series of rigorous testing and interventions will be conducted. The software platform will quantitatively track the biological age of more than 78 organs. Individuals will start with V1 of the multi-step rejuvenation protocol, which focuses on restoring cognitive, immune, and muscle functions to their previous capabilities 10 to 20 years prior.

The Rejuvenation Project will also incorporate new, yet-to-be-invented technologies. New interventions will be developed within this framework to monitor results and assess changes in the biological age of the organs. This holistic approach to health and longevity aims to transform the future of aging. To learn more, visit

About Ageless Partners

Ageless Partners® offers age reversal as a service with its Ageless Coaching™, Ageless Guide™, and Ageless Supplements™. It also has The Rejuvenation Project™, an innovative initiative that will be launched at the upcoming healthspan center. The project is backed by intuitive software that can track and target the biological age of each organ.

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